Presenting: A special little love gift from Lost Sundays

Every now and then you get an idea and with a little magic and a lot of collaboration, you’re able to turn it into something you want to share with friends.

This project represents the hearts and hands of Lost Sundays (Maria, Varya + Megan) as well as the generosity and creative talents of our friends Gregory, Leon, Alex, and Andrew. We’re so thankful to be able to make things together that we hope bring light and smiles to the world around us. We hope you’ll join us in looking inward, outward, and all around this holiday season. Remember it only works one day at a time. You can’t click ahead : )


Lost Sundays


Concept : Megan Baldwin

Art + Creative Direction : Maria Piessis

Graphic Design : Varya Tsotsova

Coding and Internet Wiz : Gregory Ducroo

Created by Lost Sundays